Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Scott Beeler

University of Tennessee

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

306 EPS Building
1412 Circle Dr
Knoxville , TN  37996  


Project List:

Coastal Waters Consortium (CWC)

Year 2-4 Consortia Grants (RFP-I)Role: Undergraduate Student

Publications & Presentations:

Conference Presentations - 4


Beeler, S., Paterson, A. T., & Engel, A. S. (2015). Microbial community response to natural organic matter enrichments after being primed by Deepwater Horizon oiling. In Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference 2015. Houston, TX : 02/16/15-02/19/15: Poster.


Beeler, S., Paterson, A., Drennen, C., & Engel, A. (2014). Microbial degradation of labile organic matter from Spartina alterniflora-dominated marshes. In Goldschmidt. Sacramento, CA : 6/8/14 - 6/13/14: Poster.
Beeler, S., Paterson, A., & Engel, A. (2014). Microbial degradation of organic matter and community response in coastal marshes. In Midwest Geobiology Symposium – 2nd Annual. Chicago, IL : 9/27/2014 9/28/14: Poster.
Beeler, S., Paterson, A. T., & Engel, A. S. (2014). Degradation of Spartina alterinflora-derived dissolved organic matter by marsh sediment communities. In 1st Annual Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium – 1st Annual. Atlanta, GA : 04/05/14-04/06/14: Poster.