Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Paul R. Blakemore

Oregon State University

Department of Chemistry

153 Gilbert Hall
Corvallis, OR  97331  


Project List:

Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf-2 (ECOGIG-2)

Year 5-7 Consortia Grants (RFP-IV)Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG)

Year 2-4 Consortia Grants (RFP-I)Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Publications & Presentations:

Journal Articles - 2


Place, B. J., Perkins, M., Sinclair, E., Barsamian, A. L., Blakemore, P. R., & Field, J. A. (2016). Trace analysis of surfactants in Corexit oil dispersant formulations and seawater. Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 129, 273–281.


Barsamian, A. L., Perkins, M., Field, J., & Blakemore, P. R. (2014). Regioselective syntheses of [13C]4-labelled sodium 1-carboxy-2-(2-ethylhexyloxycarbonyl)ethanesulfonate and sodium 2-carboxy-1-(2-ethylhexyloxycarbonyl)ethanesulfonate from [13C]4-maleic anhydride. J. Label Compd. Radiopharm, 57(5), 397–401.