Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Frank Muller-Karger

University of South Florida

College of Marine Science

140 7th Ave South
St. Petersburg , FL  33701  


Project List:

Early Warning 4-D Remote Sensing System to Assess Synoptic Threats to Coastal Ecosystems of Florida and of Adjacent States and Nations

Year One Block Grant - Florida Institute of OceanographyRole: Principal Investigator, Project Data Point of Contact

Publications & Presentations:

Journal Article - 1


Muhling, B. A., Roffer, M. A., Lamkin, J. T., Ingram, J., G.W., Upton, M. A., Gawlikowski, G., et al. (2012). Overlap between Atlantic bluefin tuna spawning grounds and observed Deepwater Horizon surface oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 64(4), 679–687.