Investigating the effect of oil spills
on the environment and public health.
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Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL)

101 Bienville Blvd
Dauphin Island, AL  36528

GoMRI Funded Projects

Year 5-7 Consortia Grants (RFP-IV)

Alabama Center for Ecological Resilience (ACER)

Consortium for Oil Spill Exposure Pathways in Coastal River-Dominated Ecosystems (CONCORDE)

Year 2-4 Consortia Grants (RFP-I)

Deepsea to Coast Connectivity in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico (DEEP-C)

Bridge Grants (RFP-III)

Floating Sargassum Communities of the Gulf of Mexico: Data Collection for the Continued Assessment of Associated Faunal Assemblages, Trophic Interations and Habitat Function in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Sampling of Megalopal and Larval Stages of Blue Crabs

Year One Block Grant - Florida Institute of Oceanography

Effects of a Major Oil Spill on Nektonic Assemblages of Salt Marshes and Adjacent SAV Habitats in Florida and Alabama

Year One Block Grant - The Alabama Marine Environmental Science Consortium

An Examination of Pre- and Post-Spill Ichthyoplankton Assemblage Dynamics

Assessing the Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the Diamondback Terrapin: a Top Carnivore and Keystone Species in the Salt Marshes of Alabama

Determining the Degradation Rate Constants of the Hydrocarbons from the Macondo Well and Weathered Oil in Alabama Beaches and Marshes

Flow Structures on the Northern Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico Using Drifters and Underway Velocity Profiles

Food Web Impacts of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Coastal Alabama Waterfowl

Identifying Transport Pathways and Quantifying Exchange in Alabama's Coastal Waters: from the Shelf to the Delta

Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Releases on the Functional Integrity of Salt Marshes and Seagrass Meadows and Associated Fauna

Investigating the Fisheries Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster through Socioeconomic Surveys

Investigation of the Three Dimensional Eulerian Flow and Resulting Lagrangian Transport Pathways on the Alabama Shelf pathways on the Alabama shelf

Microbial Responses to Hydrocarbon and Dispersant-Lab and Field-based Studies

Modeling of Circulation and Physical Transport for the Alabama Coastal Waters to Assess Transport and Distribution of Oil-Derived Substances

Recovery: Plankton

Recovery: Sentinel Macrofauna

Year One Block Grant - The Northern Gulf Institute

An Ecosystem Modeling Framework to Examine Ecological Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Does the 'Priming Effect' Caused by the DWH Oil-spill Result in Increased Microbial and Zooplankton Consumption of Labile and Refractory Dissolved Organic Carbon? Phase II

Extend Sulis Toolkit

Impacts of the Deep Horizon Accident on Food Web Structure in the North Central Gulf of Mexico

Impacts of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill on Ecosystem Structure and Function in Alabama's Marine Waters

NGI/BP Gulf Research Initiative Phase I and II Education and Outreach Support

Potential Impacts of the DWH Oil Spill on Fishery Resources: Will There be Reduced Recruitment of Economically Important Shrimp, Crabs, and Finfish in Seagrass and Marsh Nursery Habitats of the North Central Gulf of Mexico?

Quantifying the Effects of Oil Exposure on the Carbon Cycling and Diversity of Pelagic Microbial Community of Coastal Alabama